Drunk Sunset

Aaron Lozier/ July 3, 2020/ Excerpts, Miles Peak

From Chapter 12, Florence

The train took us to Naples, where we then caught a smaller, inter-city rail to Castalamare. From there we were loaded on to a bus that took us along winding roads to Sorrento. By that time we were completely disoriented, and it was quite dark. But the directions Paula had left us were clear, and we found the hostel in little time. The two girls were seated at a table in the common area when we arrived, drinking from tall cans of Heineken.
There was a general celebration when we arrived, and more beers ordered. I was glad to find that Al was getting along with everyone, and that his humor was not usually as offensive as I had remembered it. Besides, Jayden dug offensive—and the two became quick friends.

The next few days were like a blur across paradise, a streak of careless beauty. We took long day trips to the beach. We sat upon ancient lava rocks and ate bread, tomatoes, pesto, and fruit. We drank Peroni’s and smoked hash. At one point I was so intoxicated as I swam I nearly drowned in the incoming tide. The whole time I was laughing, I thought I might literally laugh myself to death.

After Louisa left, finally continuing her travels, Al was also becoming impatient to leave. I wanted to stick with Jayden and Paula, to see where that path might lead. Al and I spent one last night together at the same spot we had been swimming. Unable to find a bottle opener we cracked the wine open with a rock and poured it straight into our mouths—hoping against hope that no shards of glass would make their way into our digestive tracts. We became extremely drunk and watched the sunset. We talked about the future, the world, and existence. We talked about nothing at all. We said our goodbyes, again.

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