True Voices

Aaron Lozier/ September 29, 2020/ Poetry

voices inside my head
are just voices inside my head
forgetting this has been my mistake
again and again

secret language

Aaron Lozier/ May 19, 2020/ Poetry

there is a secret language we all speak
but pretend not to remember
it’s easier
to just use words

narrative disorder

Aaron Lozier/ May 14, 2020/ Poetry

humans are narrative creatures
we tell stories to explain the world around us
but soon we forget they are just stories

morphic fields

Aaron Lozier/ May 14, 2020/ Poetry

morphic fields
transcending space and time
guiding monarchs to their great,
grandmother’s home
which they never knew existed


Aaron Lozier/ May 14, 2020/ Poetry

I was left the legacy of a pile of stovewood
split by a man in the mute chains of rage
The land he loved as landscape
could not unchain him


Aaron Lozier/ May 14, 2020/ Poetry

the ideas used to come easier, i remember
what is it i wrote about then?
what seemed so important it couldn’t wait
i couldn’t wait
to crawl back into my tent and sit by candlelight
and write


Aaron Lozier/ May 14, 2020/ Poetry

the electron have spun up
in this universe
where it spun down

sudden tent

user/ May 11, 2020/ Poetry

huddled in a sudden tent
all life sleeping
`cept the cockroaches
and the restless dog that stirs
in the dry leaves