Anti-Hero is my current work-in-progress. It is intended to be a comprehensive retrospective of my involvement in the anti-globalization and anti-war movements of 2000 – 2005, with particular focus on my participation in the anarchist movement.

My First Battle

Aaron Lozier/ October 1, 2020/ Anti-Hero, Excerpts

It was an icy cold morning in D.C. I awoke on the floor of a stranger’s basement, exhausted after only a few hours sleep which had been preceded by a 20 hour bus ride. My body ached from sleeping on the hardwood floor, and I craved coffee. But despite the physical discomfort and exhaustion, my heart beat with excitement the moment I opened my eyes and remembered where I was.


Aaron Lozier/ September 29, 2020/ Anti-Hero, Excerpts

From Chapter 20 of Anti-Hero: Memories of a Black Bloc Anarchist. It is important to understand that in my mind, our actions were not intended to be symbolic. The most common question or criticism I received from other activists was how violence could possibly change people’s minds? But I was not trying to change anyone’s mind. That time had passed.

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